Learn how to create glittery French tips

When the French tip manicure first appeared in nail salons, it made it possible for you to have healthy looking nails instantly. There was no need to grow out your own nails or take painstaking care of them. Nope. French tips offer the healthy look of a pink nail bed and a natural white tip.
Flash forward a few decades, and French tips now come in all sorts of color combinations. This glittery version features a gradient glitter topper along with a few black nail gems, which gives the whole design an edgy but elegant feel. Watch the following video to see how to make the design pop and sparkle.
- Pale pink gel nail polish
- UV or LED lamp (not shown)
- Flat nail art brush
- Black gel nail paint
- Loose silver glitter
- Fluffy nail brush
- Clear gel base coat
- Paper towel
- Nail jewel pickup tool
- Black nail gems
- Clear gel top coat
Fierce League
1. Apply two coats of pale pink gel polish as a base and cure with the UV or LED lamp.
2. Dip the flat nail art brush into the black paint and fill in each nail tip in a curved shape that mimics your nail shape. Cure before proceeding.
3. Pick up some loose glitter with the fluffy nail brush, dab it onto the tip of the nail and cure. Tip: Gently brushing the glitter back to the middle of the nail will diffuse the effect.
4. Apply a single layer of clear gel base coat and cure to keep the glitter in place.
5. To set the nail gems, wipe any excess polish off the brush onto a paper towel, then place a small amount of polish onto the ring finger nail.
6. Use the jewel pickup tool to place three black gems on the tip of the ring finger nail.
7. Seal the nails with a layer of base coat and cure.
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