How to achieve a snowflake nail art design

Snowflakes. They’re the stuff winter wonderlands are made of. It’s time to give your nails a dreamy makeover by painting these symbols of winter on them. Remember, no two snowflakes are alike, so you need a bit of creativity to pull off this motif.
This tutorial is super easy and shows you how to create the beautiful, unique simplicity of snowflakes. Follow along for some snowy inspiration.
- Light purple gel nail polish
- Flat and striping nail art brushes
- Light blue gel nail polish
- White gel nail polish
- White fine glitter dust powder
- Dotting tool
1. Coat your nails with at least two layers of a light purple gel polish.
2. Layer the light blue gel polish onto different areas of each nail – leaving spaces in between for a nice color contrast.
3. Draw snowflakes on two accent nails using white gel polish and a long striping brush.
4. Sprinkle the fine glitter dust powder onto each snowflake design.
5. Create dots resembling falling snowflakes on each nail using a dotting tool and white gel polish.
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