How to rock a Santa sleigh nail art like a pro

It's getting close to prime hide-your-hands-in-your-pocket season. Before you send them to the winter protection program, however, consider giving your nails a makeover. This Santa sleigh nail art tutorial will have you proudly displaying your nails to everyone.
This merry design requires a little artistic prowess, but you certainly don’t need to be a pro to do it justice. You’ll just need steady hands, a dash of focus and a handy fine-tip brush.
- Blue gel nail polish
- White gel nail polish
- Black gel nail polish
- Fine-tip brush
- Clear gel top coat (optional)
1. Before adding Santa and his sleight, create a winter landscape on your nails by applying blue gel polish as the background and white gel polish to mimic snow.
2. Outline Santa and his sleigh on your index finger with the black gel polish and fine-tip brush.
3. Draw reindeers on your middle finger. The reindeers should look like they’re traveling toward the nail on your ring finger.
4. Paint another reindeer or two on your ring finger.
5. Use light brush strokes to draw the reins of Santa’s sleigh. The reins should travel from nail-to-nail, beginning from your index finger to your ring finger.
6. Although it’s not shown on the video, you may choose to use a clear gel top coat to protect the design.
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