How to paint a frosted icicle nail design

You’ll often see icicles hanging from the edges of rooftops during subfreezing temperatures. Imagine recreating this wintry wonder as a fashion statement! This video gives you a step-by-step guide on how to adorn your nails with the lovely, pendant-shaped phenomenon in less than five minutes.
Achieving this frosted nail art couldn’t be simpler. Your sole dilemma might be deciding if you should add an additional layer of base coat to make your manicure last longer.
- Light blue gel nail polish
- Flat and striping nail art brushes
- White gel nail polish
- White fine glitter dust powder
- Clear gel top coat
1. Apply two coats of light blue gel polish onto your nails with a standard flat brush.
2. Dip the striping brush into the white gel polish and draw icicle shapes starting from your cuticle area.
3. Sprinkle the white fine glitter dust powder on top of each icicle design. Remove any excess powder for a cleaner look.
4. Swipe the clear gel top coat onto each nail and let dry.
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