How to make cable-knit sweater nails

During the winter, it can be difficult to let your sense of flair shine when you're bombarded with layers. A coat can certainly polish off a look, but it still hides the stylish sweater you're rocking underneath. Luckily, there are several ways to flawlessly accessorize a winter look. Our favorite for this season is cable-knit sweater nails.
A look this chic doesn't require a trip to the salon; it can be easily and affordably achieved from the comfort of your own home. Get cozy this season by painting your favorite sweater pattern without ever having to leave your couch. After all, if you're going to be venturing out into the chilly air, you might as well let your nails be the staple of your style. You can create this flawless textured nail look with only a few steps and even fewer tools. Check out the guide below.
- Your favorite cozy nail shade
- Matte gel top coat
- Fine-tipped nail art brush
Fierce League
1. Start with one to two coats of nail polish on each nail with a flat brush. Let your nails dry in between coats to prevent smearing.
2. Apply a matte gel top coat on each nail, and let it dry. This will help take away the shine from the colored nail polish and create the foundation for the next steps. Wait for the top coat to dry before moving on.
3. Take the same color you used to paint your nails, and grab the fine-tipped brush to draw vertical lines on both sides of your middle nail. Use the same color to create the textured look.
4. In the middle of the two lines, start from the cuticle of the nail, and create a half-circle. Then draw a full circle by connecting another half-circle to the one you just drew. Continue drawing connected circles until you reach the top of the nail that will end in another half-circle.
5. On the outer edges of your middle nail, create a vertical line of small dots.
6. Move on to the ring finger, and draw two vertical lines on both sides of the nail.
7. In between the two lines, create a half-circle pattern traveling up the nail without connecting them.
8. On the other side of the vertical lines, lightly draw a squiggle pattern going up the outside of the nail.
9. Repeat one of these patterns on the thumbnail.
10. Once fully dry, top the middle, ring, and thumb nails with the matte gel top coat. Now show off those beautifully textured nails!