10+ must know makeup tips for the winter

Despite an onslaught of dreaded seasonal shifts in the form of early sundowns, cold winds, freezing rain and bundled layers just to grab a latte around the corner, work and social engagements still loom. So when it’s time to venture out, makeup needs to withstand the elements as well as any hat, scarf and faux-fur lined glove. Find out why products and applications need to be up to the task and what to do to get them there.
First, to play up any look, it’s fundamental that skin is in bona fide winter ready mode. It needs to be exfoliated, moisturized and accepted: Gone are the days of sun-kissed glows – at least for a few months – but here to stay are naturally rosy cheeks courtesy of cooler jet streams.
Gently wash
Reach only for gentle cleansers and toners to wash your face in the morning and at night. Those with harsh ingredients or that need excessive rinsing tend to dry out skin. It’s important to look for formulas with nourishing properties such as coconut, almond and rosehip oils.
Use a mask
Prepping winter-fraught skin the night before will ensure it’s at its best in the morning. Use ultra-hydrating masks with nourishing ingredients once to twice a week before bed. Doing so will replenish skin cells while you sleep, making them ready to take on foundation and a biting breeze in the morning.
Moisturize and more
Create a supple and glowing palette for your makeup by moisturizing first and in all the right places. Find a product that works with your winter skin type, whether you need to combat flaky and irritated skin or are still dealing with some oily tendencies, and rub that in generously. Then use an extra-rich moisturizer in places you might need more, massage it in and dab off excess before applying any makeup.
Care for lips
Lips seem to be on the front lines of cold weather casualties. Exfoliate any flakes by rolling on a barrier of lip balm or petroleum jelly, and use a washcloth or mitt to gently wipe away. Put on another protective coat before a lip color; skip the pinks and corals and go for rich berry and wine hues instead.
Shelf the powder
Powder in the winter can make skin look pasty and dull. Instead, look for a CC cream or foundation in a shade that matches your skin tone or is just one shade darker. Winter still has some sun and will reflect off the cream beautifully for a subtle yet glistening glow.
Mix up foundation
Mix foundation with other products to give skin extra hydrating properties. Start with a hydrating primer and foundation to brush on together as a base. Or add a few drops of rosehip or other nourishing oil to foundation or CC cream, which will provide a soft glow and work to hydrate your skin throughout the day.
Play up cheeks
If your skin’s comeback to the cold is a gorgeous flush at the cheeks, go with it. To play up the color more, add a dash of blush in pink or peach just a couple of shades darker than the natural color. Use a cream blush, which can accentuate any glow that a powder might mute.
Consider highlighter
Say yes to highlighter in winter, even if summer’s glossy glow is overkill for a winter matte style. A winter makeup look can benefit from a touch of highlighter to feign a natural glow. Just be sure to steer clear of super shiny products and choose light, dewy formulas instead.
Secure eyeshadow
Now is when you want the powder. Brush lids with powder before any shadow to set the look in place. And play with color, especially if the rest of your face is a subtle glow. Make eyes stand out with shimmery metallics or jewel tones over the lids and as liners.
Keep mascara in place
Even with the perfect winter shades, the wind will undoubtedly kick up and make your eyes water. So for this season, filled with winds and frigid temps, switch your mascara to a waterproof formula. It’s really the only way to keep your look intact by avoiding raccoon eye-like smudging.
Set in place
In the summer, a light brush of powder is ideal to set a look in place. For winter and its dimmer light, powder will make a look too matte. Instead, use a setting spray to secure makeup all day and let a little shine show through.
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