10+ extremely easy makeup tips

It's a beauty-junkie's secret: Applying makeup is not always as simple as it seems. Even with a collection of top-tier products and tools, making the most of it can be tricky. Getting your face ready, after all, is an art form – just ask all those professional makeup artists who are trained and talented in the technique. But doing it right doesn’t have to be so elusive. Below are some of the same pro strategies so you too can easily create wow-factor looks that last all day or night.
Because even the tiniest tips make the biggest difference, anyone can benefit no matter their intended style. Whether it’s about where or when to dab on concealer or how to make the most of lashes with mascara, these tips will guarantee full-proof makeup looks that take hardly any time to do. A bonus is you'll be able to get ready in a jiff.
For sheer coverage, use one dollop of foundation, dab on skin and work in using your finger. For medium to full coverage, use two plus dollops, dot on and work in with a domed foundation brush or a beauty blender. Wield the brush loosely for a more natural finish.
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Treat the spots you powder differently. Start with the most shiny, such as the T-zone, and use a large powder brush to apply generously but not overdone. On other areas such as under your eyes or sides of your nose and cheeks, use a large shadow brush to loosely dust.
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Combine under-eye balm with concealer to create a creamy consistency that won’t seep into creases but sits on the skin surface. Use your ring finger to dab on concealer. This finger is the weakest so it will ensure softer application on the delicate under-eye skin.
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When contouring, keep it low-key and natural-looking. For the basic foundation, use a color that matches your skin tone. Pick a shade darker for where you’ll want shadow, such as along your jawline, just under your cheekbones and above edge of brows. For spots to highlight such as under your eyes, use one shade lighter than the foundation.
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Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks with a small blush brush in circular motions. Then switch to a full brush to either dust to mute shade or slightly bring away from cheekbone for a subtle glow. Note: The look won’t be at all natural if you swipe too far to the side or toward the hairline.
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Primping eyes first with primer or translucent shadow provides a base that prevents creasing and holds pigment. Brush all over the lid first. Then, for simple eye makeup, apply a light color just under the brow, a shade darker over the lid, a still darker shade at the crease and then the darkest at the corner.
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Avoid messy mascara marks on upper lids and under eyes by using a credit card or spoon to block wayward pigment. Hold a spoon or card against the lid with the edge along lash line, and apply mascara from the base to the edge as you go and without worrying about a mess. For lower lashes, hold a spoon or card edge along the lash line and apply mascara.
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Because it’s tricky to create a straight line along your lashes with a regular eyeliner pencil, turn it into a more forgiving gel one. Hold the liner up to a lighter flame for about two seconds and then let it cool for 15. The gel will spread more gingerly so use a light hand – and don’t be afraid to try this technique and smudge the line for a smoky look too.
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Accentuate the arch of your eyebrow by adding highlighter just under your brow and blending. Draw a thick line along bottom of brow line using a white highlighter pencil and blend gently with your finger. On the other hand, adding brow pencil or shadow along top lines of brows gives a slight lift to your eyes and face.
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For the perfect shade, mix loose eyeshadow powder or blush with clear lip gloss or petroleum jelly. Apply with a lip brush starting at the cupid’s arrow and working out. Blot gently to set.
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