How to curl your hair with a straightener

It may sound simple in theory, but curling your hair with a straightener isn’t easy. It takes tons of practice to master the technique. Of course, you’ll want to unplug your flat iron during your practice runs to avoid any unnecessary heat damage. There are several tutorials out there, but this one teaches you how to curl your hair with a straightener the right way.
You’re going to need a quality heat protection spray for this style, preferably one that is formulated to protect your strands from hot tools, not just the sun’s UV rays. When forming your curls, you should start from the top of the head; this will get you that coveted Victoria Secret bombshell look.
- Heat protection spray
- Hair clips
- Paddle brush
- Flat iron
1. Prep your hair with your favorite heat protection spray. It’s best to divide your hair into several sections as you use the spray to ensure each strand is saturated with the product.
2. Section your locks into three sections, clipping the top and middle portions away.
3. Grab a section of unclipped hair and use the brush to smooth out any tangles.
4. Turn the flat iron halfway so your hair wraps around its side one time, then glide it down to the ends of your strands.
5. Help the curl maintain its shape by twisting it around your finger until it resembles a ribbon.
6. Repeat steps 3, 4, and 5 throughout your head. If your hair is on the frizzier side, move the flat iron slowly down your strands. Feel free to move a little quicker if you have finer hair. Remember to smooth out each section as you curl your hair.
7. Shake your hair, or run your fingers through your curls to style.
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