How to pick the right flat iron for your unique hair type

If you’re a straight hair devotee, there are certain rules you need to know when shopping for a flat iron. Should you choose titanium or ceramic plates for your unique hair type? And what temperature should you use to achieve a sleeker style with minimal damage?
This video serves as the ultimate buying guide for all-things flat iron. Open up your notepad app and get ready to jot down some notes. These tips will help you invest in a flat iron that will last for at least a decade, not just a few short months.
- Hair clip
- Paddle brush
- Ceramic flat iron
- Fine-tooth comb
- Titanium flat iron
- Heat protection spray
1. Invest in a flat iron with ceramic plates if you have non-resistant hair. Ceramic plates have less intense heating elements, so they’ll be gentler on your strands.
2. Clip the top portion of your hair away, and detangle the bottom portion with a paddle brush.
3. Glide the ceramic flat iron down your strands. Start with a lower heat setting because you can always modify the temperature if you need to do so later.
4. Use the paddle brush or take bigger sections while flat-ironing your hair to create more volume. You can always skip these steps if you prefer a more weighed-down look.
5. Continue flat-ironing your hair until you reach your desired results.
6. If you have a resistant hair texture that ranges from super curly to frizzy, then titanium plates are your best option because they transfer more heat.
7. Use a fine-tooth comb as you move the titanium flat iron down your strands. This trick will help reduce the amount of volume in your hair.
8. Remember to take smaller sections as you continue the flat ironing process if your goal is to achieve a sleeker, silkier finish.
9. Avoid long-term heat damage by using a quality heat protection spray. You can also achieve less breakage by picking the right plates for your hair type.
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