Create fluffy beach-style waves, even in winter

Soft waves are always in style, but getting to the beach may be out of the question, especially in winter. Creating a wavy look at home doesn't require sleeping in braids or using a damaging salt spray. A waving iron can transform even stick-straight hair in a matter of minutes.
If using a hot tool makes you nervous, this tutorial will quell those fears. Before beginning, the hair must be completely dry. Never use a waving iron on wet hair because the heated plates can damage the hair's cuticle and cause it to fray or break off. To create uniform waves, work with one small section of hair at a time. This makes the process more manageable, plus the waves will set faster.
- Hairbrush (not shown)
- Hair clamps
- Waving iron
- Hair spray
- Spin pin or decorative bobby pin
Fierce League
1. Clip part of the hair up with a hair clamp. Repeat with other sections until only the bottom hair remains loose.
2. Divide the bottom section of hair in half down the middle, then brush it smooth with a hairbrush
3. Hold the waving iron close to your scalp, then insert a section of hair in between the plates. Close the iron around the hair and hold it shut for a few seconds then release the hair. Move the iron downward and repeat this step until you reach the end of each section.
3. Next, release some of the upper hair from the clamp and repeat step two. Tip: Always move the waving iron according to the direction that you want the hair to fall.
4. When working with the uppermost section, direct the hair either toward the back of the head or the side, depending on how you want it to look.
5. Shake your head or rake your fingers through the waves to loosen them up and make them look more natural.
6. Spray with hair spray, if desired, and insert a spin pin or decorative bobby pin for extra drama.

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