7+ incredible ways to style your hair with a hair donut

The body’s circadian rhythm take a hit as the longer stretch of winter darkness sets in. Now is the time to enliven your spirit by looking at the brighter side of things. One surefire way to do that is to up your hair game by creating some noteworthy beauty moments.
Get ready to add the role of hair stylist to your resume by reaching for the ultimate bun maker: a hair donut. Follow these tutorials to learn how to re-create voluminous buns using hair donuts of varied sizes. If your girl gang is having a mane identity crisis, be sure to share these newly found tips with them.
Top donut bun with green extension
If you want to execute a bun that is effortless and chic, a hair donut will help you achieve the look in a cinch. This graceful updo works for both casual and formal occasions, which also means bad hair days won’t be a factor if you choose to wear this style. Get the tutorial here.
Stacked hair donut buns
This style is double the fun and easy to DIY because it’s a continuation of the top donut bun shown earlier with the addition of a few minor details. By now, you should have the necessary tools to replicate this timeless look. Get the tutorial here.
DIY hair donut
If you’re strapped for cash or just don’t have enough time to run to a beauty store to buy a hair donut, don't stress. You can make one with a few simple items from around the house. Check out this tutorial to learn the step-by-step.
Low messy bun with hair donut
This low messy bun style will somehow have you looking polished, which is why it’s perfect for weddings and other formal occasions. Another bonus to this style is that it is low-maintenance. Get the tutorial here.
Half-up and half-down hair donut style
If you’re hoping to rev up the traditional bun, then this hybrid style is for you. What’s more, half bun hairstyles work for any hair length. Get the tutorial here.
Cluster hair donut style
For a classic style with a little bit of a twist, try on a cluster bun for size. Here’s a quick tip: Because clean, silky-textured hair doesn’t always hold a style well, apply dry shampoo for added grip. Get the tutorial here.
French twist hair donut style
A relaxed French twist is the ultimate feminine hairstyle. Best of all, it takes only a few minutes to get right. Get the tutorial here.

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