How to paint icy blue nails

These icy nails are the perfect way to combat a winter nail rut. Break free from traditional red and black and try something chilling and bold. The texture of the foil catches light for a dazzling sparkle. Your manicure won't go unnoticed.
Designs like this look expensive and time-consuming, but with the right materials and just a few steps you can create nail masterpieces from home. These materials have been created with a DIY girl in mind, offering easy application. Take your time and have fun.
- 612 Canni Nail Art gel paint
- Blue holographic nail foil
- Nail flake glitter
- Orly Gel FX base coat
- Orly Gel FX top coat
Fierce League
1. Follow normal manicure steps to ensure your nails are prepped and ready.
2. Start with a coat of white polish before painting on the blue to help the color stand out. Then use a small nail paint brush to apply the 612 gel paint. Cure with a UV or LED lamp between each polish application.
3. Let the gel paint dry and press the foil onto each nail. The blue gel paint acts as a glue so the foil will leave behind a beautiful design. Layer multiple designs for an even more complex look.
4. Seal the design with a layer of base coat and follow with UV or LED lamp.
5. Apply the loose nail glitter flakes to make your foil design really pop.
6. Follow with a top coat layer. Cure with a UV or LED lamp. Finish the edges of your nail to seal the manicure.
* Icy blue nails are possible with regular polish too. Be sure to let each coat dry completely before continuing to the next step, and select a nail paint or glue specifically for adhering nail foil.

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