Create a chignon updo with decorative flair

Pretty updos don't have to be complicated. The chignon, whose name was borrowed from the French phrase "chignon du cou," dates back to ancient Greece. It's always been described as a coil of hair at the nape of the neck, but there are many variations. The term frequently describes a low updo that's either rolled or pinned in place at the back of the head.
An everyday chignon comes together easily with a little help from a ponytail and some bobby pins. This tutorial will show you how to roll the hair into a coil against your head for an elegant style. To add a little drama, grab a pretty elastic headband to dress up the finished style. This hairstyle would look elegant for a wedding or a special night out with your sweetheart.
- Hair brush
- Hair elastic
- Bobby pins
- Decorative headband
Fierce League
1. Brush all your hair back away from your face into a low ponytail. Loosely secure the hair with a hair elastic, then create a small opening near the elastic with your fingers.
2. Lift the ponytail up and over the elastic, and pull it through the hole you've made with your fingers. Tighten the twist slightly.
3. Beginning at the ends of the ponytail, roll the hair toward the head and secure near the base of your neck with bobby pins.
4. Carefully slip the elastic headband over your head and into place. Tip: Tuck any loose layers or bangs underneath the headband.
5. Brush any face-framing wisps into place.
It's hard to believe that something so beautiful can be created so easily. Enjoy!

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