7+ Christmas nail designs that are perfect all winter long

With winter nearing, you’re probably in need of a manicure pick-me-up. Get inspired with these impressive nail design tutorials and learn how to execute the perfect winter mani.
Here’s a tip: Spice up your manicure by adding stackable rings to your fingers. Feel free to get creative by playing around with different shapes, sizes and metals. This is one occasion where more is merrier, as the rings will be an extension of your winter nail art.
Snowflake nail design
If your goal is to validate the arrival of winter, then this snowflake nail design is for you. This tutorial shows how to achieve the perfect snowy effect.
Icicle nail design
Create a winter wonderland on nail beds with this icicle-inspired nail art. Bets are you’ll forgo your mittens to showcase this glacial design. You’ll need light blue and white gel polishes, striping brushes, white fine glitter dust powder and a gel top coat to re-create this design. Steady hands won’t hurt either. Get the full tutorial here.
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Falling snow nail design
There’s nothing more magical than parting curtains on a winter morning and seeing a blanket of snow covering everything that had been visible the night before. Here’s your chance to transfer the same image onto your nails. Get the full tutorial here.
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Santa’s sleigh nail design
If your anticipation for Christmas Day has reached its peak, then satisfy your excitement with this festive Santa sleigh nail art. This design is a continuation of the falling snow nail art tutorial above. Use a black gel polish to draw Santa’s sleigh on one nail and reindeers on two others. Get the full tutorial here.
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Icy blue nail design
Did you wake up feeling like a snow queen this morning? If so, this icy nail art just might bring out your inner royalty. Gather a few decorative items before attempting this simple yet delightful design. You’ll need blue metallic transfer foil and iridescent foil flakes to make your nails really pop. Get the full tutorial here.
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Cable knit sweater nail design
Even nails need to bundle up as the weather turns colder, and there’s nothing cozier than seeking warmth in the comfort of a cable knit sweater. After applying a matte nude gel polish on your nails, use a striping brush and dotting tool to mimic the cable knit texture of a sweater. Remember to load the brush with the hue to create a 3D effect. Get the full tutorial here.
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Winter tree nail design
There’s something beautiful about the bare branches of trees during the winter months. The design is a little less cheery than the others but just as fascinating to look at. After swiping white gel polish on each nail, use a grey gel polish to create the appearance of a dark winter sky. Bare trees are pretty easy to re-create, but if you’re apprehensive, this tutorial gives you a step-by-step guide on how to draw the design.
Ugly Christmas sweater nail design
Nothing says I’m full of holiday spirit than wearing an ugly sweater. It’s only natural that the trend would migrate to the nail art phenomenon. Start with a red gel polish as your base color. Smear latex tape around the perimeter of your nail beds. Seal off the design by using a stamper to artfully deliver ugly sweater decals onto each nail. Get the full tutorial here.
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