Nude Matte Nails

A classic nude nail always looks polished and professional, but sometimes a little extra detail really brings it up a notch. Matte nails are beautiful, and this look is no exception. To bring a little life and attention to the finished manicure, a single horizontal piece of metallic striping tape provides polish and panache.
To achieve this look, it's best to use gel polish. Most nails aren't entirely smooth, and gel is self-leveling, which gives the look of a custom manicure without the extra filing that's often needed to create a flawless finish. The following tutorial will walk you through the steps, making this an easy way to achieve a timeless look any day of the week.
- Clear gel base coat (not shown)
- Nude gel nail polish (shown: Akzentz UV/LED Gel Play in "Nude")
- Nail art brush, optional
- UV lamp
- Metallic striping tape
- Cuticle nippers
- Matte gel top coat
Fierce League
1. Begin by ensuring nails are clean and dry.
2. Apply one layer of clear gel polish as a base coat. Cure before proceeding.
3. Apply one to two layers of nude gel polish as needed to create a fully opaque finish. Cure with UV lamp.
4. Cut nail striping tape into 1" sections for each nail and apply where the nail meets the fingertip. Trim to fit with cuticle nippers and press to adhere.
5. Seal the striping tape with a matte top coat. Cure with UV lamp.
Stay pretty!