Matte with Gold Tips

While gold has long been coveted in the form of jewelry, it's making a real splash in the nail art world. Sure, nail charms still have their time and place, but gold foil can quickly make over a ho hum manicure and have people asking, "How'd you do that?"
This elegant matte and gold look is super simple and is perfect for a special occasion or wedding. Follow along with the tutorial to see how to apply the gold transfer foil. Gel polish makes an excellent canvas here and ensures the nails look smooth, so there's no need to file down any existing ridges.
Take a look!
- Nude gel polish
- UV lamp (not shown)
- Clear gel base coat polish
- Gold transfer foil
- Clear matte gel polish
Fierce League
1. Make sure the nails are clean, dry, and free of any oils.
2. Create a base color with nude gel polish. Apply 1-2 coats to make sure the color is completely opaque. Cure with a UV lamp.
3. Using clear gel base coat polish, paint only the tips where you plan to apply the gold foil. Tip: Do not wait for the polish to dry. It needs to be tacky in order for the gold transfer foil to adhere properly.
4. Take a square of the gold transfer foil and press it against the tacky portion of the nail. Repeat on each nail until desired effect is achieved.
5. Seal the foil with a coat of clear matte gel polish and cure with the UV lamp.