Matte Chevron Nails

Chevron nails have been trending for a while, and it's easy to see why. The inverted "V" shape initially appeared on the sleeves of military uniforms and indicated a person's rank and achievements. Today, the chevron is universally recognized and often appears in company logos and in fabric patterns.
Mastering nail art can be challenging, and without a steady hand, drawing intricate shapes can be frustrating. Thankfully, the chevron design in this video doesn't require anything more than drawing a few straight lines and filling in the larger "V."
Ready to get started? Watch this quick tutorial to find out exactly how it's done.
- Black gel polish (shown: Young Nails Mission Control Gel Polish in "Overdrive")
- Fine tipped nail art brush
- UV lamp (not shown)
- Clear gel matte top coat
Fierce League
1. Begin by making sure the nails are clean and fully dry.
2. With a fine tipped nail brush and black gel polish, paint a thin inverted "V" shape starting at the middle of your nail. The point of the "V" should be facing the tip of the nail, not the cuticle.
3. Paint another parallel "V" about one quarter of an inch in front of the first one then fill in the center, so the "V" is thick and solid.
4. Paint one more thin "V" above the first one. Cure as needed with a UV lamp.
5. Seal the chevron design with a layer of clear matte gel polish and cure fully.
Bonus: If you want to learn how to create the watercolor manicure seen here, check out this tutorial video.