How to style hair half up, half down

Few moments in life are as important (or as photographed) as the day a couple in love chooses to make their commitment permanent. A wedding marks more than just a day, though; it captures the exact moment when two people agree that nothing matters more than the love they share. With so much on the line, picking a bridal hairstyle shouldn't overwhelm your thoughts.
Adding a floral accent to your wedding look doesn't necessarily have to mean wearing a wreath of wildflowers on your head. Rhinestone headbands that feature flowers and leaves create a wreath-like effect without the bulk of traditional greenery. The lovely half up half down style shown here will take you from dressing room to the aisle in mere minutes, and each little rhinestone will catch a burst of light and bathe your face in beauty.
- Curling wand or iron
- Haibrush
- Elastic hair band
- Bobby pins
- Floral rhinestone headband with ribbon tie
- Rat tail comb
- Hair spray (optional)
Fierce League
1. Curl the hair section by section to create movement and texture using either a curling wand or iron.
2. Soften the curled sections by brushing through the curls or by raking your fingers through them.
3. Part the hair horizontally from ear to ear using a rattail comb or your fingers, and secure the upper portion of the hair with an elastic band. Tip: To keep the hair from looking too severe, use your hands and gently tug apart the upper portion slightly.
4. Take a section of hair from below the ponytail and gently wrap it around the elastic band to hide it. Keep the hair in place with bobby pins.
5. Place the floral rhinestone headband on the top of your head as if it were a tiara. Tie together the ribbons below the ponytail and secure them under your hair with bobby pins.
6. Finish with a spritz of hair spray to smooth the appearance of any flyaway or baby hairs.

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