How to create a sideswept look with accent pins

When there's a special occasion on the calendar, it's time to pay attention to every little detail. And if that day is a wedding day, then achieving the perfect hairstyle is beyond important. The photographs taken on the big day will last a lifetime, so choosing a style that is both doable and memorable is key. This one is simple, sophisticated and special.
Bridal hair styles need not be complicated to achieve a beautiful look. This sideswept style would look lovely with a strapless gown, especially if the celebration is outdoors in a natural setting. The following tutorial makes quick work of a classic pull over style, and the floral rhinestone accent pins will catch every camera flash and cast a sparkly sheen on the big day.
- Rattail comb
- Hairbrush
- Bobby pins
- Rhinestone accent pins for decoration
- Hair spray (optional)
Fierce League
1. Make sure hair is clean and dry before beginning.
2. Carefully brush through the hair to smooth the surface and eliminate any tangles.
3. Part the hair on one side using the rattail com.
4. Gently twist the front section of hair that is closest to the part until reaching the top of the ear.
5. Secure the hair with bobby pins. (Using pins that closely match your hair color will keep them from being visible in pictures.)
6. Insert two floral rhinestone pins above the bobby pins and secure firmly.

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