How to create a crossover ponytail in under three minutes

Busy mornings and laid-back weekends call for simple hairstyles. If a ponytail seems too basic, jazz it up by following this tutorial. Crossover ponytails are super easy to achieve with a little help from a few well-placed bobby pins. Wrapping your hair around the hair elastic is also a clever way to hide it, especially if it doesn't match your hair color.
To create this look, grab a ponytail holder and some bobby pins. If you have bangs or layered sections in the front, pin those out of the way to keep the style sleek. There's no teasing, flat ironing or hair spray required for this pretty style, so you'll be ready to go in under three minutes.
- Hair brush (not shown)
- Bobby pins
- Hair elastic
Fierce League
1. Brush all your hair away from your face, so it's smooth. Pin your bangs or loose layers back to keep them in place.
2. Divide the hair on the right side of your face into two sections, leaving a single section hanging loose near your face. Push the other section toward the back, then repeat this step on the other side.
3. Pull the large sections in the back into a low ponytail. Secure the hair with an elastic.
4. Drape the loose hair from the right side over the elastic in the back, then wrap it around the ponytail. Secure the ends of the hair with bobby pins.
Repeat this step on the left side.
Don't worry if a few loose tendrils fall out in front. They'll frame your face nicely. Now, get out there and enjoy your day. Stay pretty!
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