How to create a messy bun with a braid

The messy braid is a tried-and-true hairstyle that's both chic and effortless. For a cute and unique spin when heading to the gym or a casual night out, try adding a braid to your bun. This will provide both added texture and a twist on this much-loved hairstyle.
Although it's not quite as effortless as a typical messy bun, all it requires is an extra minute or two. Not only will it be worth the effort, but if you have bangs, the style is also effective for keeping them out of your way. No one will realize that you skipped yet another day of washing your hair. Not sure where to start? Follow this helpful guide.
- Brush
- Ponytail holder
- Bobby pins
Fierce League
1. Brush back the hair at the center of your head, and begin braiding it.
2. Create a simple French braid, focusing only on the hair at the top of your head toward the front. Pull small pieces of hair into the braid as you go.
3. Once you reach the desired place for the bun, pin the braid into place.
4. Use your fingers to pull your hair back, as if into a high ponytail. Using your fingers instead of a brush will create the "messy" look.
5. After you've pulled back your hair, twist it into a bun and put a ponytail holder around the bun.
6. Put a few bobby pins into the base of the bun to secure it and to keep any stray hair in place.

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