7+ gorgeous bridal hairstyles for any stunning bride with long locks

You’ve dreamt of this. Envisioned all of the wonderful details. And now the time has come. You are a bride-to-be, ready to walk down the aisle with the love of your life. This will be your wedding and everything will be beautiful for you from the dress to the shoes, to the gorgeous makeup and, yes, the hair. The bridal hair must be stylish, gorgeous and compliment the bride in every way.
If you have long, beautiful locks and are looking for hairstyles, then look no further. You cannot go wrong with this collection of elegant, stunning hair designs. Bobby pins and pretty decorative hair accessories become efficient helpers for simple yet chic styles. Discover what you can create with updos, pretty braids, side parts or ponytails for your special day.
Half up half down twist
Discover how to create a half up, half down twist design, a simple yet elegant hairstyle perfect for a walk down the aisle. You’ll create this twist with a few easy steps and finish off with two beautiful decorative pins. Get the full tutorial here.
Voluminous curly updo
This voluminous curly updo evokes elegance and beauty. Curling long locks creates fantastic waves. This look involves twisting the front of the hair and securing the locks with bobby pins. With the back of the hair, a loose ponytail twisted into a low, fluffed bun creates an elegant wavy look.
Chunky soft half up braid
A lovely side French braid creates a wonderful bridal look. A curling iron adds nice, long curls. Instead of starting a French braid in the center, you can gather hair at the side of your scalp and braid at an angle. Secure the braid with a small band and bobby pins, and finish off with a sparkly hairpin accessory.
Long braid with a floral accessory
Here is a romantic loose Dutch braid bridal style, accessorized with a fun floral piece to dress up the look. Bobby pins secure the floral piece down the back of the Dutch braid. Get the full tutorial here.
Pulled to one side with a clip
This is a quick and elegant bridal hairstyle. A loose tendril to brush against your face will finish the look. It's easy to achieve yet beautiful. Get the full tutorial here.
Loose braided low bun
This is such a delicate looking bridal hairstyle. The addition of a decorative stretch headband gives it an extra special touch for any bride. Get the full tutorial here.
Voluminous curled ponytail with accessory
A curled ponytail works well for a summer wedding because hair is up and out of the bride’s face. The addition of sparkly hair pins complements the look. Get the full tutorial here.
Half up half down
Here is a softer bridal hairstyle. With a curling iron, you can create wavy locks. The look is elevated with a delicate ribbon headband. Get the full tutorial here.

The dragon braid is a Dutch (braided upside down) lace braid, that's also pancaked. The style gets its name from its resemblance to the scales seen on the back of a dragon.
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