How to create a violet makeup look

When Pantone named Ultra Violet the 2018 color of the year, cosmetics companies and fashion designers hopped on the trend with enthusiasm. Violet has long been a favorite for those with brown and green eyes, so it's no surprise that eye shadow palettes featuring these plummy hues are selling in record numbers.
This romantic look has all the depth and drama of a regular smokey eye without requiring charcoal or gray shadow. Using a combination of rose and plum tones brings the look to life, and by muting the lavender eye shadow with a light highlighter shade, you can bring that purple touch to the tops of your cheekbones, too.
Ready to live it up in lavender?
- Dusty rose matte eye shadow
- Deep plum matte eye shadow
- Flat eye shadow brush
- Lavender shimmer eye shadow
- Black matte eye shadow
- Fluffy blending eye shadow brush
- Black liquid eye liner
- Black mascara
- Light ivory, white or pink-toned highlighting powder
- Fluffy blush brush (not shown)
Fierce League
1. Begin by applying dusty rose eye shadow to the crease of your eye.
2. Deepen the crease further with plum eye shadow. Rotate your brush in small circles to distribute the shadow evenly.
3. Apply shimmering lavender shadow on two-thirds of the lid with a flay eye shadow brush, beginning at the inner corner.
4. To create depth in the outer corner, apply black matte eye shadow with a fluffy blending brush.
5. Line the upper lash line with black liquid liner.
6. Apply lavender shadow below the lower lashes.
7. Apply mascara to the upper and lower lashes.
8. Complete the look by combining lavender shadow with a light shade of highlighting powder on a fluffy blush brush, and sweep it along the cheekbones.
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