How to pull off an orange makeup look

If you’ve been waiting for a moment to dust off the orange eyeshadow from your makeup stash, now might be the perfect time. According to Pinterest’s Global Beauty Report for 2018, orange is the top makeup trend in Japan right now. Apparently, Japanese women are ditching the traditional pink blush for orange-tinted ones. Are you ready to take the plunge in your zip code?
You might be wondering how you’ll ever be able to pull off an orange makeup look for your unique skin tone. Don’t fret: Just follow this video for a few indelible tips. Meanwhile, here are a few pointers: If your complexion is fair, opt for subtle shades of orange – but darker skin tones can afford to take some risks with bolder shades. If your skin tone is around the medium range, however, you will look amazing wearing any shade of orange.
- Blending brushes (small and large)
- Matte orange eyeshadow
- Flat synthetic brush
- Concealer
- Matte light eyeshadow
- Glitter
- Mascara
- Salmon-colored lip gloss
- Highlighter
1. Swipe the matte orange eyeshadow onto the creases of each eyelid using a windshield wiper motion.
2. Deepen the inner and outer corners of the lids with the same orange tone. Add an additional layer of eyeshadow to achieve more intensity.
3. Add concealer to the center of your lids with the flat synthetic brush. Next, come in with the light matte eyeshadow for contrast.
4. This time, take the orange eyeshadow and work it onto your lower lash lines. Don’t forget to blend the shade for a seamless look.
5. Add glitter to the inner corners of the eyes. This will create a gleaming effect.
6. No look would be complete without mascara, so add a few coats onto the upper and lower lashes.
7. Use the matte orange eyeshadow as a blush, and sweep it across the apples of your cheeks with the large blending brush.
8. Apply a layer of the salmon-colored lip gloss to your lips.
9. Lastly, top off the look with a dose of highlight.
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