7 ways to shower the right way

Showering is something everyone does so frequently that it barely requires explaining -- the process is pretty straightforward. But there are several small steps that make the process more effective in terms of caring for your face, body and hair.
Since no one needs to be told to use soap and water to cleanse away dirt and grime, the following video focuses on tips for making the most of your morning or evening "me time." Some of these recommendations are fairly common, but you're sure to learn at least one new thing by tuning in.
- Hair brush
- Facial cleanser
- Soft cloth, optional
- Shampoo
- Conditioner
- Body lotion​
Fierce League
1. Before getting your hair wet, carefully brush through it to remove any tangles. Wet hair can be difficult to comb through, so smoothing the hair thoroughly before washing will minimize this problem.
2. Wash your face at the sink instead of in the shower. The skin on your face is more sensitive to temperature. While your body may appreciate the heat, your face won't.
3. Adjust the shower temperature to avoid stripping away your skin's natural moisture. Since you'll be in the shower for at least five minutes, try to set the temperature to warm instead of hot. The hotter the water, the drier your skin will be when you step out.
4. When shampooing, make sure to massage the shampoo into the entire scalp while avoiding the ends. Hair oil is concentrated at the scalp and distributed only partially to the ends, so there's no need to lather all the way to the tips.
5. Conditioning the hair adds back some of the moisture that the shampoo removes -- but don't leave it on too long. Most of the product will be absorbed within one to three minutes, so there's no need to leave it on your hair the entire time. Tip: To help the conditioner penetrate the hair shaft better, gently squeeze out some of the water before applying the product.
6. Lower the water temperature slightly and rinse the hair carefully from roots to tips. Cooler water helps seal the hair follicle and lock in moisture and shine.
7. Before drying off your body, apply lotion. This step will lock in moisture longer than simply applying the lotion to dry skin.
Happy showering!
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