4 DIY shower steamers to enhance your mood

Work, school or life in general often make it difficult to stay motivated or get energized. Morning coffee works wonders, but sometimes it's just not enough to get your brain ready to handle the busy day ahead. Getting a good night's sleep can also be a struggle if you're mentally tied up in knots and unable to relax.
Luckily, there's a haven nearby that can work wonders in both situations. Turn your shower into an aromatherapy chamber by combining heat, steam and fresh greenery. These natural plants contain essential oils, and the steam helps release the scent into the air.
The following video tutorial offers four different options to suit specific needs, so follow along and learn how to make the most of that private time. Lavender is reported to bring feelings of relaxation, rosemary is said to improve cognitive function, mint can help boost mental alertness and ecalyptus is said to boost optimism and clear the mind.
- Small bundle of greenery, such as rosemary, lavender, peppermint or eucalyptus
- 10 to 12 inches thin wire
Fierce League
1. Take a small bundle of greenery and wrap wire around the base to secure all the branches. Make sure the wire is tight or the branches will fall out when the bundle is hung in the shower.
2. Extend the remaining wire for 6 inches, and make a loop at the top.
3. Hang the bundle from the shower head against the wall. Make sure the water doesn't run down over the greenery.
4. Turn on the shower and let the water warm up for a few minutes. This will allow the steam to draw out the natural essential oils in the greenery.
5. Step into the shower, breathe deeply and enjoy the aromatherapy benefits.
How's that for an at-home spa treatment? Which scent will you try first?

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