How to create a cute mouse makeup look

If you’re over the standard spine-chilling Halloween getups this year, why not skip the jagged teeth and go for a cute, mousy look instead? Sometimes, a girl just wants to look girly and unassuming on fright night. What’s more, everyone’s nerves will thank you in the process. Follow this video to learn how to create the ultimate DIY mouse makeup look.
Round up a pair of mouse ears or a costume with ears already attached to tie the entire look together. Now that you’re set, get ready to wow everyone in the cutest way possible. Minnie Mouse has got nothing on you!
- Light gray eyeshadow
- Blending brushes
- Deep gray eyeshadow
- Concealer
- Flat brush
- Dark gray eyeshadow
- Mascara
- False eyelashes
- Eyelash adhesive
- Pink blush
- Pink eyeshadow
- Black liquid eyeliner
- Pink lipstick
1. Swipe a light gray eyeshadow onto the creases of your eyes with a blending brush.
2. Top off the shade with the deeper gray eyeshadow for added depth.
3. Add concealer onto each eyelid. This step brightens the eyes by creating a cartoon-like effect.
4. Work a dark gray eyeshadow onto your lower lash lines.
5. Coat your bottom lashes with mascara.
6. Attach the false eyelashes with adhesive.
7. Apply a generous amount of pink blush to the apples of your cheeks.
8. Outline a heart on the tip of your nose using the pink eyeshadow.
9. Trace a heart around the tip of your nose with the black liquid eyeliner.
10. Draw three dots resembling whiskers on each side of your upper lip.
11. Dab on a layer of pink lipstick to finish the look.
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