How to do a cute leopard makeup look

Whether you have plans to hit the town with your crew this Halloween or just want to stay in and binge horror flicks on Netflix, it’s always helpful to have a few clever costume ideas that you can re-create in a pinch. This leopard makeup video is easy to follow and will inspire compliments from trick-or-treaters all night long.
You’ll need a leopard suit with ears to top off this charming makeup look. Get ready to go on the prowl in your leopard suit. Fair warning: If you’re going to be around animal lovers on Oct. 31, be sure to stick to faux fur to avoid making PETA’s most wanted list.
- Warm orange eyeshadow
- Blending brushes
- Burnt orange eyeshadow
- Gold eyeshadow
- Flat eyeshadow brushes
- Black liquid eyeliner
- Black pencil eyeliner
- Pink or black lipstick
- Leopard suit
1. Sweep the warm orange eyeshadow onto the creases of your eyelids.
2. Deepen the shade with the burnt orange eyeshadow using the blending brush.
3. Pat the gold eyeshadow on each eyelid with the flat eyeshadow brush.
4. Take the same gold shade and apply scattered spots on both sides of your face and eyelids.
5. Create a leopard effect by drawing angular lines with the black liquid eyeliner on both sides of each gold spot.
6. Apply the black pencil eyeliner to your waterlines, and smoke out the shade with a flat brush.
7. Fill in a triangle on the tip of your nose using the black liquid eyeliner.
8. Draw three dots on each side of your upper lip for whiskers.
9. Finish off the look with a smear of pink or black lipstick.
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