How to paint a Sharpie marble effect on nails

Have you been afraid to try painting marble nails? Many people think that they require advanced nail art skills. However, when you use a Sharpie marker to create the design, you simplify the entire process. Even if you have shaky hands, the marble effect will come out perfectly.
Don't stop there, though. Add sprinkles of gold with nail foil for a glittering holiday touch. This recreates the sparkle that you see in the fanciest marble countertops. This is one of the easiest ways to achieve a dramatic work of nail art. Your nails can be complete in less than twenty minutes.
- Fine-tipped black Sharpie
- Fine-tipped nail brush (or paintbrush)
- 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol
- Clear gel base coat
- Metallic gold nail foil
- Clear topcoat
Fierce League
1. Paint your nails solid white. Allow them to dry.
2. Draw a shaky black line with the Sharpie, working from the bottom right corner of the second nail up towards the top right corner. Draw a small, parallel, diagonal line to the right of it.
3. Draw a shaky black line on the middle finger's nail, working from the bottom left corner up towards the top right. Add a line from the center of that down towards the bottom right.
4. Draw a line on the fourth fingernail that mimics the first line you drew on the second nail. Draw a second line up front the center of that line towards the top right of the nail.
5. Draw a line on the fifth fingernail that mimics the first line that you drew on the second nail. Draw a second line up from the base of that line towards the top right of the nail.
6. Draw a shaky black line on the thumb from the bottom left towards the top right. Add a short line parallel to it on the right. Add a third line coming from the center of the first line up towards the top left of the nail.
7. Dip the nail brush into rubbing alcohol. Apply it on top of the black lines in the order that you applied those lines to the nails. This gives the lines a blurred purple marbling effect.
8. Paint clear base coat atop the nails. Allow to dry.
9. Press gold transfer foil on to each nail.
10. Paint clear topcoat onto each nail.

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