How to paint full nails with sparkles and gems

Who doesn’t love a little sparkle in their life – including their nails? With these pretty in pink nails and the glow of the rhinestone gems, you’ll be dazzling. This DIY nail design is easy to create, thanks to the easy-to-follow video, and will look like you made a trip to the salon.
For this design, simply choose your favorite pink polish and pretty gem rhinestones. Why stop at pink? Try any pastel polish to really bring out the sparkle in your nails. This design can be worn to parties, dances or a night out on the town. Wherever you choose to flash these nails, you’ll love the attention you get for this design!
- Clippers, nail file, cuticle stick and buffer
- Pink nail polish
- Easy-off base coat
- Picker pencil
- Two sizes of rhinestone gems
- Gel polish top coat
1. As always, take care to prep your nails. Trim, file, nudge cuticles and buff up nails, and then wash and wipe clean.
2. Paint nails with a pink nail polish. Add a second coat. Let them dry.
3. With the Easy-off base coat, paint a small dab at the bottom of your nails. With the picker pencil, apply one small delicate rhinestone at the bottom of your forefinger, middle finger and pinky fingernails.
4. Paint Easy-off base coat on your ring finger, covering the entire nail. Place small and medium gems on your nail with the picker pencil, filling the entire nail surface.
5. Do the same for your thumbnail, placing the gems in varying spots. You don’t have to fill the complete thumbnail. Go with what you think looks good.
6. Finish with a gel top coat on each nail. Add an extra gel top coat on your ring finger and thumbnail for added protection to keep the gems in place.

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