How to apply a mulled wine makeup look

We can all agree that bright metallic hues have permeated the makeup stratosphere these past few months, but since we are on the cusp of the fall season, now is the perfect time to swap out those cheery shades for deeper autumnal tones. Move over vanilla-inspired palettes! A bolder makeup trend is here to challenge your reign, and it’s imbued with the spirit of an all-time favorite adult beverage: mulled wine. We wouldn’t have it any other way.
The secret to pulling off this look is to choose the right shades for your unique skin tone. Beauty experts say people with darker skin tones should opt for muted hues like dark Merlot, while those with fairer complexions will look best with brighter berries. When in doubt, stick to the following color schemes: warm purples, oranges, and maroons. The latter shade (a dark brownish red) is featured on the eyelids of the model in the above video, which imparts a touch of comfort and romance -- two feelings distinctly reminiscent of autumn. Also, gold shimmery eye shadow is added to the center of her lids for a more well-rounded final look. Whether you’re looking to dip your toes into this popular makeup trend or you're just ready to jump in headfirst, this tutorial teaches you the techniques you need to know to add some drama to your beauty regimen this upcoming fall season.
- Warm and dark matte maroon eyeshadows
- Fluffy blending brush
- Flat brush
- Gold shimmery eyeshadow
- Angled eyeshadow brush
- Mascara
- False eyelashes
- Neutral lip gloss
1. Apply the warm matte maroon eyeshadow to the crease of each eyelid.
2. Deepen the layer with the blending brush by working the pigment onto the inner and outer corners of each lid, creating a halo shape.
3. Next, create the illusion of a smooth transition by taking the darker maroon eyeshadow and patting it onto the inner and outer lids using the flat brush. Don’t forget to blend those two corners afterward.
4. Using the flat brush, apply a layer of gold shimmery eyeshadow to the center of each lid. Then add the maroon eyeshadow of your choice to the bottom of each lash line, using the fluffy blending brush.
5. For a bit of drama, draw a black line along your upper lashes with the angled eyeshadow brush. The key here is to keep each line as thin as possible.
6. Next up, don’t forget the false eyelashes and plenty of mascara.
7. To complete the look, add a neutral lip gloss onto your lips for added hydration.
Voila! You look as pretty as mulled wine is delicious.
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