3 ways to curl your hair

Once upon a time, straight-haired girls had just two options if they wanted curls: a permanent wave (aka perm) or heated rollers. Both of these choices had drawbacks, such as stinky chemical curling solution or unwanted scalp burns. Thankfully, hair curling has come a long way since then. If your locks could use a little bounce, then check out this tress-curling tutorial.
If you're looking for curls, a traditional curling iron is a good investment –but there are also other choices. A clamp-free curling wand may give you bouncier results, and a hair straightener (aka flat iron) can create curls that last for days. Whichever you choose, be sure to start with a quick spritz of heat-protecting spray to avoid damaging your hair.
Ready to get started? Here is everything you need to know.
- Heat protectant or thermal-protection spray
- Curling iron
- Curling wand
- Hair straightener or flat iron
- Hair spray (not shown)
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1. Before using any heated tool, lightly spray dry hair with a heat-protection spray. This deposits a small layer of silicone onto the hair and prevents some of the heat from damaging the strands.
2. For soft curls, wrap hair sections around a curling iron, leaving the ends out. Be careful not to turn the iron in the opposite direction after wrapping the hair because this will cause it to crimp. Repeat section by section until all hair is curled.
3. For loose, bouncy curls, use a curling wand. This tool does not have a clamp, so wrap the hair around the wand away from your face – and be careful not to touch the heated wand. Repeat until all hair is curled.
4. For curls that last all night (and even the next day), use a hair straightener or flat iron. Make sure the hair is smooth when you place it between the heated plates, and turn the iron 180 degrees in a continuous motion away from your face. Continue twisting until you reach the ends. Tip: If your straightener has a heat setting, try the lowest setting first and increase it if your hair doesn't curl easily. A high setting can damage your hair.
5. Once you're done curling, rake through curls with your fingers to separate them and finish with a spritz of hair spray.

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