How to paint rainbow Sharpie nails

The humble Sharpie marker has become one of the most sought-after tools for nail art. Sharpies with a very fine tip are great for drawing details. However, you can also use them to easily recreate popular nail art techniques.
For example, these rainbow nails draw some inspiration from nail marbling as well as watercolor. The blurring effect of adding rubbing alcohol to the Sharpie designs creates the technique. This gives you softened ombre rainbow nails that will make your hands pop.
- White nail polish
- Fine-tip Sharpies in rainbow colors
- 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol
- Fine-tipped nail brush
- Clear gel top coat
Fierce League
1. Paint two coats of white nail polish onto each fingernail. Allow to dry between coats and after the second coat.
2. Draw a red line at the base of each nail using the Red Sharpie marker. Sketch back and forth across the nail to get a thick line. Its width should take up about one-seventh of the nail. It does not have to be perfectly even.
3. Draw an orange line on each nail just above the red line. It should be approximately the same width as the red line.
4. Repeat for all of the colors of the rainbow using the yellow, green, blue, and then purple Sharpie. The purple Sharpie should cover just the tip of each nail.
5. Dip nail brush into rubbing alcohol. Apply to the red line at the base of each nail, blurring it until color covers the entire nail base.
6. Apply rubbing alcohol with nail brush to blur the orange line down into the red line across each nail. Repeat for each color of the rainbow. Allow to dry.
7. Paint clear gel top coat on all nails.