How to paint Sharpie floral nails

Do you love artistic nails? Have you ever wanted to try a painted floral design? If you have, then you should try this nail design. You’ll discover how painting pretty little flowers on your nails can be creative and fun.
It is amazing what you can create with Sharpie markers and nail polish. You’ll learn how to blend the colors of the Sharpies on your nails and with a steady hand outline and shape these delicate flowers. You’ll have a dazzling and professional look right on your fingertips.
- Clippers, nail file, cuticle stick and buffer
- White nail polish
- Orange, yellow and pink Sharpie markers
- Fine paintbrush
- 70 percent isopropyl rubbing alcohol
- Black nail polish
- Non-wipe gel top coat
1. Prep your nails. Trim, file, nudge cuticles and buff nails, and then wash and wipe clean.
2. Paint nails with white nail polish. Add a second coat and allow them to dry.
3. Outline the flower shapes on each nail starting with a pink Sharpie. Be creative and place flowers in different areas of your nails: high, low and in the middle.
4. Add orange outlines inside the pink flowers with the orange Sharpie.
5. Fill in the center of the flowers with yellow.
6. Take a fine paintbrush and dip it in the rubbing alcohol. Slightly paint the rubbing alcohol onto the flowers, blending the pink, orange and yellow colors like a watercolor. Allow drying time.
7. Dip the fine paintbrush into the black nail polish. With a steady hand, paint small petals on each of the pink and orange parts of the flowers.
8. Continue to paint petals on all flowers with varying lines. Once you’ve painted all of them, continue with the black paint by adding lines in the middle of the petals, adding a look of texture.
9. Add small dots in the centers of the yellow parts of the flowers.
10. Finish off with a non-wipe gel coating on each of the nails.