How to paint metallic nails

No matter how many different nail art styles you have tried, sometimes you see one and can't help but think, "how did they do that?" There are so many surprising things about these metallic nails.
First of all, the start off with a coat of black nail polish. Second the gel topcoat is applied three different times. Most surprising of all, the brilliant marble coloring comes from Sharpie markers. Paint these nails on yourself today and your Instagram followers will instantly be asking how you did it.
- Black nail paint
- Gel top coat
- Metallic nail powder
- Sponge applicator
- Fine-tip Sharpie markers in blue, pink, and purple
- 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol
- Fine nail brush (or paintbrush)
Fierce League
1. Apply black nail polish to each nail. Allow to dry.
2. Paint clear gel top coat on each nail. Allow to dry.
3. Dip sponge applicator into metallic nail powder. Paint a thick layer to cover each nail.
4. Repeat step two.
5. Draw pink polka dots onto each nail using the pink Sharpie marker. Add two-three dots to each nail, always in the bottom third of the nail.
6. Repeat step five using the purple Sharpie marker. Disperse the purple dots amongst the pink dots.
7. Draw two-three blue dots onto each nail with the purple Sharpie marker. Add them between and slightly above the pink and purple dots.
8. Dip the nail brush into the alcohol. Paint over each Sharpie dot with the alcohol. This creates a colorful marbling effect.
9. Repeat step two.