How to paint tiger stripes on your nails

There’s a tigress in all of us. With these tiger stripe nails, you’ll let the world know it! Wear these nails for a night out with the girls or on the perfect date. With just three colors and a top coat, you can easily paint these nails in a professional look.
With the delicate stripes of a tiger, you’ll impress your company. Don’t forget, you can turn tiger stripes into zebra stripes by simply removing the orange polish. Or change the colors to accommodate any dazzling outfit. You’re the star of this feature. Read on to achieve this amazing DIY nail design. Go get 'em, tigress!
- Clippers, nail file, cuticle stick and buffer
- White nail polish
- Medium nail brush
- Orange nail polish
- Black nail polish
- Fine paintbrush
- Gel polish top coat
Fierce League
1. Take care to prep your nails. Trim, file, nudge cuticles and buff up nails nice and pretty, then wash and wipe clean.
2. Cover nails with white nail polish. Add a second coat.
3. While the polish is still wet, paint orange polish on the right side of the nail, blending the two colors. Allow drying time.
4. Now comes the fun part. With the fine brush, dip into the black polish. Start on the left side of a nail and paint a fine line from the edge until almost meeting the opposite side. Complete the stripe with an end point.
5. Above the first line, start the next stripe on the right side. Paint the stripe until it peaks with another point, without touching the opposite edge of the nail.
6. Continue to alternate stripes on each side of the nail until it's covered with tiger stripes. Give the stripes some character by alternating them with small waves.
7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 on all nails. Allow drying time.
8. Finish off with a gel top coat to protect this fierce design.
Now you’re ready to show off your beautiful tiger stripes!

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