How to paint tiny white polka dots on your nails

You may think of polka dots as too busy or just for children, but it all really depends on the size of the spots. Big dots can be overwhelming, but small or even teeny dots can look really pretty and give your manicure a subtle but fun accent.
Black and white are classic shades that will complement your wardrobe with ease, and you can always change the color combination according to the season, holiday or personal preference. These glossy dots are sure to get you noticed.
- Nail file, clippers, cuticle stick, buffer
- Gel clear base coat
- Black nail polish
- White nail polish
- Nail dotting tool
- Gel clear top coat
1. Prep your nails for polka dots. Clean and shape them using a file, then buff the surface of the nails to smooth them so polish won't be lumpy or have uneven spots. Push cuticles down to give yourself plenty of space.
2. Paint nails with a clear base coat. This helps polish last longer and reduces the risk of chips and cracks. Gel is recommended for hard, strong nails.
3. Apply black polish on all of your nails and allow it to dry. You may want to opt for two coats to ensure the color is the shade you desire.
4. Grab a nail dotting tool and carefully dip it into the white polish. Create dots on each nail. You can make as many dots as you desire, but space them apart enough so you can tell what they are. You could also make them different sizes if you like. Tip: Instead of white dots, use red, pink or another contrasting color for a fun manicure. Allow the dots to dry.
5. Finish off the job with a clear top coat, preferably gel, to seal in your work and make sure you can enjoy your spotty tips for longer.

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