How to create Sharpie watercolor nails

Remember making watercolor artwork in school? It was a fun way to learn about color without having to draw inside the lines. Take that concept a step further and try out this fluid, artsy look for your next manicure. To achieve this effect, head to an office supply store and pick up some Sharpies in a rainbow of inspiring hues.
It may seem peculiar to use a marker during a manicure, but that permanent ink turns into a watery blur of pigment when a little alcohol is added to the mix. This tutorial carefully demonstrates the process, so watch it all the way through, and then get ready to create one of the prettiest looks ever.
- White nail polish
- Clear gel top coat
- 4 Sharpies: blue, aqua, purple and pink
- 70 percent isopropyl alcohol
- Fine-tipped nail art brush
- Small dish for dipping the brush
1. Apply two coats of white polish to nails, making sure the color is completely opaque.
2. Seal the white polish with a clear gel top coat.
3. Apply three or four small jagged dots of color with the Sharpies, starting with the blue, then adding aqua, purple and pink.
4. Dip the nail brush into a small dish of alcohol, and dab it onto the colored dots to blur and meld the colors.
5. When the alcohol has evaporated, seal those artistic nails with a coat of clear gel polish and let dry.
Who knew that office supplies could double as nail art? So pretty!