How to paint a polka dot accent nail

Polka dots are versatile. You can dress them up or down, use any colors you like, and wear big ones are little ones. They can look casual or elegant, depending on what you wear, and they add just the right pop of visual interest to an otherwise plain or basic look.
Instead of going overboard with dots, an accent nail is just the right amount of dots and adds a playful sophistication to your manicure. You also don't have to be a nail technician to pull off this spotty DIY and enjoy the compliments that will surely be coming your way from polka dot lovers.
-Cuticle stick, clippers, nail file
-Get base coat
-Black (or other color) nail polish
-White (or other contrasting color) nail polish
-Nail dotter for details
-Metallic polish or nail art pen in gold or silver
-Small brush for details
-Gel top coat
1. Start with clean hands and give your nails a little bit of TLC before you manicure them. Push your cuticles down, trim them if you need to, and shape them into ovals using a nail file.
2. Use a clear base coat to give your nail polish something to adhere to -- it also makes your manicure last longer. Gel is recommended.
3. Paint all but one of your nails black (or the color of your choice), then allow them to dry. You may want to do two coats for a more vibrant color.
4. Paint the accent nail white (or another contrasting color; for instance, red or pink would go great with black -- or red and green for Christmas, orange and black for Halloween -- the possibilities are endless), and allow it to dry.
5. Using either a nail art pen, nail dotting tool, or a small nail brush, draw polka dots on the accent nail as large or small as you'd like (and are able), and allow it to dry.
6. Make the accent nail stand out even more by carefully outlining it in metallic or glitter polish with a nail art pen or the small brush. This makes the design really pop!
7. Once everything is dry, seal in your manicure with a clear gel top coat.

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