How to paint plaid nails with a cherry design

Mad for plaid? Do cherries make you cheery? If the answer is yes to both of those questions, here's a manicure for you. Don't be intimidated by pulling off plaid polish; it's super simple and the results are precious.
Who doesn't like the way cherries look? Accent two of your nails with bright cherries so they stand out. There's definitely a reason why these bouncy berries are seen on purses, tops and even accessories. Take a bite out of this trend with this easy DIY manicure.
- Nail file, clippers, buffer, cuticle stick
- Gel base coat
- White nail polish
- Gray nail polish
- Black nail polish
- Small nail brush
- Green nail polish or nail art pen
- Red nail polish or nail art pen
- Dotting tool
1. Clean up nails with clippers, a file and a cuticle stick. Shape and smooth them with a buffer so polish glides right on smoothly, without snags or bumps.
2. Paint your nails with a clear coat as a base. Gel works well as it hardens and strengthens nails as well as reduces the risk of chipping and ensures a long-lasting manicure. Allow the base coat to dry.
3. Paint your nails with white nail polish. Two coats generally work better than one and provides a brighter wash of color. Allow the white polish to dry.
4. Using a regular nail brush, paint two thick gray stripes on each nail, one going vertically and one going horizontally. The horizontal stripe should be about 1/4 of the way down the nail, and the vertical stripe should be closer to the edge of the nail, so it's off-centered.
5. Draw two black lines across the gray ones to make the plaid pattern with a smaller brush or a black nail art pen. These lines should be opposite the gray ones, with the black horizontal line roughly 3/4 of the way down the nail, and the vertical one on the exact opposite side of the gray vertical line. Allow the plaid pattern to dry.
6. Choose two nails on each hand to accent with cherries. Use either thin-tipped nail art pens or a dotting tool and add two red cherries and two green stems over the plaid. Allow the art to dry.
7. Finish the manicure with a gel top coat to seal in your work and reduce chipping.

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