How to apply pink bling to your nails

Pink used to be dismissed as a color that was "too girly" (whatever that means). Then it became associated with millennials. Although there's nothing wrong with that, it leaves out plenty of people from other generations who also like pink. Pink is a powerful color – bright, feminine, and eye-catching.
If you are bold enough to wear pink nails, go one step further and add pink blink. This gives three-dimensional texture to your nails, along with some sparkle. Just three little dots of bling at the base of each nail, and suddenly you have a design that packs a lot of punch
- Pink nail polish
- Nail paintbrush
- Clear gel topcoat
- Silver nail glitter
- Eye shadow brush
- Wax rhinestone pencil
- Pink bling
1. Apply at least two solid coats of pink nail polish to each nail. Allow polish to dry completely between coats and after the second coat.
2. Apply clear gel topcoat to each nail using the nail paintbrush.
3. Rub eye shadow brush into silver nail glitter. Apply to each nail.
4. Repeat step 2.
5. Use wax rhinestone pencil to pick up the first piece of pink bling. Place it at the bottom right of the first nail.
6. Repeat to add pink bling to the bottom center and bottom left of that nail, which brings three pieces of pink bling to the base of each nail. Adhere smaller pieces of pink bling to the left and right with a slightly larger gem in between them.
7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 across all nails.
8. Apply topcoat over each of the nails, including the pink bling.

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