How to paint black polka dots on your nails

You have a big personality, love accessories, and never met a pattern you didn't like. So why not have the manicure to match? Leave small spots in the dust and go for oversized spots that'll have your friends doing a dotty double take.
This easy DIY doesn't take a nail specialist -- just a few simple tools and some time, and you've got an inexpensive manicure that's playful, cute, and fun for any time of year. Tip: Kids love having dotty nails too, so include your daughter, niece, or granddaughter in this and have a nail day together.
-Nail file, clippers, cuticle stick
-Nail buffer
-Clear base coat
-White nail polish
-Black nail polish
-Dotting tool or detail brush
-Clear top coat
1. Get your nails ready to get dotty with some prep work. Clean, clip, and shape your nails using the tools of the trade: a cuticle stick, a file, and clippers. If you happen to have bumpy nails and want polish to go on smoothly, use a buffer to smooth the surface of your nails out -- kind of like sanding wood.
2. Next, add a layer of gel base coat that's clear to your nails. This provides something for the polish to stick to, and it helps to ensure your designs last longer.
3. Paint your nails with white nail polish and allow them to air-dry.
4. Next, use a large dotting tool or medium-sized nail brush to create black polka dots on each nail. Every nail doesn't have to match; make them different to create visual interest, but use roughly the same amount of dots on each nail to create a more even look. Allow the dots to dry.
5. Use a clear gel top coat to seal in your spots and reduce the risk of chipping your polish before you're ready to remove it.

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