How to achieve giraffe nails

Not sure what to dress up as this Halloween season? This giraffe nail look is a wonderful option. The giraffe manicure is simple but looks adorable. With only a few tools and steps, you’ll be on your way to completing your Halloween attire. If you don't plan to get into costume, create this animal print design to spice up your everyday look.
If you’ve never played with nail art designs before, don’t worry. This giraffe design is easy to follow. Check out the instructions and video tutorial below to achieve this giraffe nail look.
- Nail clippers, file, buffer and cuticle stick
- Beige-natural nail polish
- Brown nail polish
- Tiny, slim paintbrush
- Gel polish Topcoat
1. Don’t forget to prep your nails. Trim and file down nails using the nail clippers and nail file. Create a smooth surface with the buffer, and gently push cuticles back with the cuticle stick. Afterward, wash your hands gently.
2. Apply the beige-natural nail polish to all of your nails. Wait a few seconds before adding a second coat.
3. Draw small sideways ovals to resemble the giraffe’s spots using the brown nail polish and the tiny paintbrush. Leave a space between the spots and vary the size of the ovals.
4. Decorate the rest of your nails the same way.
5. Apply gel polish topcoat to all of your nails to protect them and make them shine.

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