How to do a black jewels nail design

The autumn season is a fabulous time to show off black nails. This black jewel nail look is also a perfect addition to the spirit of Halloween! No matter what you decide to dress up as, this this black jewel manicure is sure to make you look spooky and elegant at the same time.
This design isn’t hard to master, but it does require you to pay close attention -- and in the end, the results are to die for! If you’re looking for a gorgeous nail design, keep reading to achieve this black jewel manicure.
-Nail clippers, file, buffer and cuticle stick
-Black nail polish
-Three sizes of black rhinestone gems
-Easy-off base coat
-Gel polish top coat
-Picker pencil
1. Begin by prepping your nails. Trim your nails using the nail clippers, and file down the tips of your nails for your desired shape. Use your nail buffer to buff the tops and sides of your nails to create a smooth surface for polish. Gently push your cuticles back with your cuticle stick. Afterward, wash your hands gently to prepare for the polish.
2. Start by painting your thumb, ring and pinky fingers with the black nail polish. Apply a second coat after waiting a few seconds for the first coat to dry.
3. Apply your easy-off base coat to your index and middle fingers.
4. Take your picker pencil and pick up one of the largest-sized black rhinestone gems. Apply the rhinestone at the bottom of your middle finger, leaving a tiny space to apply a small gem below it.
5. Using your picker pencil, pick up one of the medium-sized black rhinestone gems and apply it above the largest gem. Apply two more of the medium-sized gems, each on the opposite side of the medium-size gem you just applied.
6. Pick up the smallest black rhinestone gems using your picker pencil. Apply the small gem above the medium gem in the center. Apply two more small gems above the medium gems on the right and left-hand sides.
7. Apply another small gem in the center above the first smallest gem. Apply two more small gems below the two medium gems on the right- and left-hand sides.
8. Add two more small gems on the top right- and left-hand sides of the largest gem we first applied. Apply two more small gems on the bottom right- and left-hand sides of the largest gem you first applied.
9. To finish off the middle finger, apply one small gem to the bottom center of the largest gem you first applied.
10. Take one of the medium black rhinestone gems and apply it to the bottom center part of your index fingernail using your picker pencil.
11. Apply two more of the medium gems using your picker pencil. Apply one of the gems on the left side of the middle gem, and apply the other gem to the right side of the center gem.
12. Moving on to the smaller black gems, use your picker pencil to apply one gem above the medium-sized gem, one to the left of the medium-sized gem and one to the right of the medium-sized gem. Apply another smaller gem above the first center small gem.
13. Take the medium-sized gem and apply it in the center of the nail above the smaller gems.
14. In a straight line, apply two smaller gems above the medium-sized gem.
15. To finish off this black jewel nail look, add your gel polish topcoat to all of your nails.
Your nails are now bold, stunning and ready for the autumn season!
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