10+ examples that demonstrate the power of makeup

Makeup serves so many purposes, whether it's to give you the ability to be someone else for the night or to make you feel more confident or beautiful in your everyday life. It brings out the artistic and self-expression qualities that lie within all people and truly let them be who they want to be.
It's hard to understand the transformative effect of makeup without seeing some real-life examples. Check out the examples that follow.
Look awake in 5 minutes
A touch of makeup instantly gets rid of the "I just woke up" face. In only five minutes you can look ready to conquer the day. Watch the video below to learn how do create this quick and easy look.
Open up eyes with customized lashes
False lashes are truly one of the greatest gifts the beauty world has provided. They instantly make eyes look more open, but sometimes a standard strip just isn't enough. Compare the left and right side in the photo below.
Fierce League
If you haven't used false lashes before or aren't sure how to use them, check out the tutorial that follows.
Make lips look plumper
The key to faking fuller lips lies in pairing products carefully. This tutorial video uses peachy pinks that border on nude because pale shades automatically make lips look a bit more plump (the exact opposite of dark shades). You'll need four products to create this look, and the lip liner will be the darkest of the four.
Transform yourself into a different era
Makeup lets you instantly step back into a different era of time, whether it's for a party or just because. Disco may be dead, but that 1970s nighttime glam look lives on. Although you probably won't make this your go-to daytime look, you have to admit that glittery lid does open up the eyes.
Fierce League
If you're a fan of warm tones, take a seat and watch the tutorial. This approach is guaranteed to get you noticed, especially after dark.
Define your nose
Makeup also does wonders in sculpting your nose, should you want a thinner one. The following photo shows a contoured nose.
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To get that result, you'll want to draw two lines down your nose when contouring. To replicate the look, follow the tips in the video below.
Play dressup during Halloween
Makeup lets you be whoever and whatever you can dream of. For instance, check out this vampire look achieved mostly through makeup.
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If you are interested in re-creating that look, be sure to check out the video below that tells how to do so.
Give yourself a natural facelift
If you're feeling a little down or just looking like the world is dragging you there, faking a facelift is as easy as contouring. The difference between standard contouring and contouring to create a lifted appearance depends on where you put the colors. You can use your regular contour palette for this look because you'll simply be placing the colors a bit higher than normal. Check out the difference between the left and right side.
Fierce League
To re-create the look, follow the tips in the video tutorial below.