How to apply hot pink and white polka dots on your nails

Whether or not we want to admit it, most of us like pink. But not all of us are into bunches of polka dots. Still, a few delicate dots can accent your nails without making you see spots. This easy DIY takes pretty pastel pink and amps it up with a spot of hot pink, creating a cute accent that's not overwhelming.
Different shades of pink all complement each other and give your nails a sophisticated way to show off your love of pink. Chic but still playful, this "pretty in pink" manicure doesn't take any skill to achieve, and it would be a fun way to do nails with the little girl in your life such as your daughter, niece, cousin, or granddaughter.
-Nail tools: file, buffer, cuticle stick
-Pastel pink polish
-Clear base coat
-Dotting tool
-Nail confetti
-Clear top coat
1. Prep your nails. Clean and shape them with a file, push your cuticles back with a cuticle stick, and buff them until the surface is smooth enough for polish to adhere to without any bumps.
2. Polish your nails with pastel pink polish. We recommend OPI brand light pink.
3. Next, add a clear base coat to your nails. Don't wait for it to dry before going to the next step.
4. Grab some nail confetti. Using two different darker colors of pink and a couple of white dots, make a line of dots on each nail using the dotting tool to place the confetti. Do it carefully, but since the base coat isn't dry yet you can gently move the dots if they are crooked. Alternate a hot pink dot with a white dot. You should be able to fit four dots on each nail.
5. Paint over your metallic dotted manicure with a clear gel coat. This seals in the dots and keeps your polish fresh for longer. Allow the top coat to dry and enjoy your sparkling pink dots!

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