How to create a warm orangey smokey eye

Smokey eyes are sultry, mysterious and timeless — but even the most timeless looks need an update from time to time. Your eyes are the stars of the show, so imagine how much more piercing they’ll appear if you swap out the traditional black and gray smokey eyeshadow shades with autumn’s principal color: orange.
Here’s a rule of thumb for applying eyeshadow: Using color variations ranging from light, medium to deep will add much-needed depth to your final look. Likewise, opting for different finishes like matte, sheen and shimmer creates the same result. Now to define the eyes and create some dramatic effect, try this: Anchor the orange shade by drawing a line along the rims of your upper lashes with a black eyeliner of your choice. It’s that simple! Do you want to learn how to create an updated version of the classic smokey eye? This tutorial teaches you everything you need to know to master the orange smokey eye look in a snap!
- Three matte orange eyeshadows
(ranging from light, medium to deep)
- Shimmery gold eyeshadow
- Fluffy blending brush
- Flat brush
- Nude eyeliner
- Black graphic eyeliner
- Peach blush
1. Let’s dive in! Apply each of the three matte orange eyeshadows onto your eyelids one at a time — starting with light, then medium and finally deep.
2. Use the fluffy blending brush in circles and windshield wiper motions around the creases of your eyes for maximum blending effect.
3. Pat the shimmery gold eyeshadow halfway onto your lids using the flat brush.
4. Next, dab some orange eyeshadow onto your lower lash lines and swipe the nude eyeliner near your waterlines to open up your eyes.
5. To add dimension to your statement eye, draw a line along the rims of your upper lashes with the black graphic eyeliner. Try this: Start by drawing a thin long triangle along your lash lines, then fill in the triangle by staying as close to the lash lines as possible.
6. Finally, dab some peach blush on your cheeks to complete the look.
We approve. That orange smokey eye looks fierce on you girl!
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