How to apply a maroon halo eye

With the temperatures outside dropping, it’s essential to have a couple of go-to makeup looks in your beauty repertoire. It’s even better if at least one of those standout looks can be recreated in under five minutes or less before heading out the door. Deeper makeup tones like plums and maroons are winter-friendly for a reason — their pigmented hues tend to add profound warmth to all types of skin tones. So why not play around with different variations of maroon eyeshadows to balance out those darker, bulkier fabrics we often wear during the colder months?
Since maroon is a bold color choice, there’s no need to wear an equally bold lipstick to match your halo eye look -- it might be too overpowering. Notice how our model’s lipstick is more on the subtle side in the video? Again, it’s all about balance! Now on to the last piece of the puzzle: Dab a brighter, shimmery shade in the center of your lids for instant depth and illumination — remember, this step helps complete the halo effect. Follow this tutorial to achieve our super flattering maroon halo eye look. It’s bound to help make your winter morning makeup routine quick and effective.
- Maroon eyeshadow
- Dark plum eyeshadow
- Light pink eyeshadow
- Fluffy blending brush
- Flat brush
- Small eyeshadow brush
- Concealer
- Mascara
- Eyeliner
1. Work the maroon eyeshadow in small circles onto the creases of your eyelids using the fluffy blending brush.
2. Deepen the color by adding the dark plum eyeshadow right on top. Keep going, you’re doing great!
3. Next, grab the flat brush, dip it into the concealer and apply it to the center of your lids — this step helps to open the center of the eyes. Don’t forget to diffuse both sides of your lids with your fingers to create a seamless transition.
4. Using the small eyeshadow brush, add the light pink eyeshadow on top of where you applied the concealer.
5. Define your lashes with a few coats of mascara.
6. Lastly, use the eyeliner to draw a line close to your upper lash lines to give your eyes the illusion of having more of an almond shape. Be sure to keep that line as thin as possible.
Wow! This might be your new signature look!
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