How to create an Instagram-worthy special effects elf makeup look

Are you tired of the same person always winning the top costume prize each year? This Halloween, it’s your turn to assume your rightful place as fright night victor. Not to mention, this special effects elf makeup tutorial is guaranteed to get you some adoring Instagram followers. Follow along and get ready to rack up plenty of likes come October 31.
Mythical creatures are especially easy to DIY because you can add little touches to make the look your own. Essentially, it’s impossible to screw it up. As with any makeup application, be sure to properly cleanse your skin. Applying makeup to pore clogging impurities like blackheads will mar your final look. At worst, it will aggravate your skin.
- Short prosthetic elf ears
- Spirit gum
- Foundation (your ideal shade)
- Blending brushes
- Sponges
- Concealer
- Scar wax
- Crepe wool eyebrows
- Scissors
- Matte purple eye shadow
- Silver eye shadow
- Shimmery purple eye shadow
- Faux eyelashes
- Mascara
- Pink blush
- Berry lipstick
- Cream paint in pink, purple, silver
- Contact lenses
1. Apply spirit gum around the edges of the prosthetic elf ears, then attach them to the upper part of your ears until they've adhered to the skin.
2. Use the blending brush to apply foundation over your face. After, bring the foundation over to your ears for a seamless transition.
3. Add concealer underneath your eyes. Don’t forget to blend. Then, dab some more concealer onto the creases of each eyelid.
4. Spread spirit gum onto the tip of your nose, then use the scar wax to mold a pointy, elf-like nose.
5. Stick the crepe wool eyebrows onto your natural brows, then trim them with a pair of scissors if necessary.
6. Use a sponge or brush to work more foundation onto the molded nose you’ve created.
7. Sweep the matte purple eye shadow onto your creases, then coat the lids with the silver eye shadow. Layer the shimmery purple shade onto the outer corners of the lids. This time be sure to bring the color to your lower lash lines and inner corners of the eyes.
8. Glue on the faux eyelashes.
9. Emphasize the lashes with a few coats of mascara.
10. Add a dose of pink blush onto your cheeks, then bring the shade to the prosthetic ears.
11. Add more silver eye shadow to the inner corners of each eye.
12. Swipe a berry lipstick onto your lips.
13. Create faux freckles by stippling pink, purple and silver cream paint onto your cheeks and nose.
14. Dab silver and pink cream paint onto the center of your lips.
15. Add the contact lenses to finish the look.
You look worthy of a woodland throne!