How to re-create a sly special effects cat makeup look

There’s no need to frantically scroll through Pinterest the night before Halloween for last-minute costume ideas. It’s time to set aside your laptop because this feline makeup look just might be the inspiration you were looking for. What’s more, the steps are simple and quick to DIY. The video clocks in at just under three minutes and has everything you need to avoid pulling an all-nighter.
Now that you’ve dodged wrecking your sleep schedule, a little organization is in order before hitting the sack. Be sure to assemble the makeup tools you’ll need ahead of time to re-create this wily look. If you have a pair of fuzzy cat ears stashed somewhere in your closet, grab them quick as they will help you channel your inner feline spirit.
- Foundation (a shade ideal for your skin tone)
- Blending brushes (from small to large)
- Concealer (dark and light shades)
- Flat synthetic brushes
- Blush
- Dark-colored eye shadow
- Black liquid eyeliner
- Eyeliner brush
- White eyeliner pencil
- White liquid eyeliner
- Alcohol-activated paint palette
- Isopropyl alcohol
- Faux eyelashes
- Angled brush
- Contact lenses
- Fuzzy cat ears and gloves (optional)
1. Apply a generous amount of foundation onto your face with the blending brush.
2. Accentuate your cheekbones by using the dark shade concealer for contour. Don’t forget to blend thoroughly.
3. Contour both sides of the nose with the same shade.
4. Dab the lighter tone concealer underneath each eye with the pads of your fingers.
5. Work the light tone concealer beneath the darker shade one you previously applied to your cheekbones. Be sure to apply the shade to the center of the nose as well.
6. Sweep some blush onto the apples of your cheeks.
7. Sheer the dark-colored eye shadow onto the creases of each eyelid.
8. Draw a bold cat-eye with the black liquid eyeliner. Create drama by extending the traditional cat-eye flick to the inner and outer corners of the eyes with the eyeliner brush.
9. Swipe the white eyeliner pencil onto your waterlines.
10. Draw a thin line with the white liquid eyeliner onto the contours of the lower lash lines. Afterward, go in once more with the black eyeliner beneath that line.
11. Enhance your eyes with the faux eyelashes.
12. Use rubbing alcohol to activate the paint on the alcohol-activated paint palette.
13. Fill in the shape of a cat-like snout near the tip of your nostrils with the black paint from the palette.
14. With the same shade, draw a line connecting the base of the cat’s snout to your cupid’s bow.
15. Completely coat your upper lip with the black paint.
16. Widen the corners of your mouth by extending them with two lines that are approximately 3 centimeters long.
17. Dab white paint above your upper lip area to create a white cast. Be sure to bring the shade down to your lower lip and chin area.
18. Using the eyeliner brush, stipple black whisker dots onto the upper lip area. Next, draw in whiskers.
19. Grab the angled brush and create a feathered eyebrow look.
20. Apply the contact lenses. You may choose whatever color you like.
21. Accessorize with fuzzy cat ears and gloves.
You are serving major cat-titude!
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